Resources for Umpires and Scorers

Please note that while the New Zealand Cricket and New Zealand Cricket Umpires' and Scorers' Association resources are free to download, it is copyright material and due acknowledgement should be made to NZC and/or NZCUSA when these resources are used for purposes beyond personal use. Please e-mail the webmaster at if you have any questions.

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Laws of Cricket

For the full Laws of Cricket, please visit the MCC website.

The Laws of Cricket, as applied in New Zealand, are reproduced in The Umpire's Companion (2013 edition).

The updated 2013 edition of The Umpire's Companion is also available here as an e-Brochure for reading online or downloading.

A summary of the 2013 Law amendments is available here as a PDF or as a Powerpoint file.

Click here for resources relating to recent Law Review material.


NZC Playing Conditions

The full NZC Playing Conditions 2016/17 that govern all domestic competitions and national & community tournaments are now available, along with the Playing Conditions for specific competitions and tournaments as below:  

Plunket Shield 2016/17 Ford Trophy 2016/17 McDonald's Super Smash 2016/17
Women's One Day Competition 2016/17 Women's Twenty20 Competition 2016/17 Women's Under 21s 2016/17
Hawke Cup 2016/17 Men's Provincial A Tournament 2016/17 Men's Prov A Nearest Neighbour 2016/17
Men's Under-19s 2016/17 Men's Under 17s 2016/17 Junior Boys 2016/17
Primary Cup & Shield 2016/17 Secondary School Boys 2016/17 Secondary School Girls 2016/17

Please also find here the NZC Code of Conduct 2016/17, the NZC Eligibility Criteria 2016/17 and the Hawke Cup Eligibility 2016/17 documents.

Umpiring Resources

Click here for a beginner's introduction to umpiring.  

Click here for Level One umpiring resources.

Click here for Level Two umpiring resources.

Click here for Level Three umpiring resources.

Click here for Level Four umpiring resources.

Elite Umpire and Grassroots Umpire recruitment flyers.

Penalty Run cue cards and Team list cards.


Traditional Scoring Resources

NZCUSA Cricket Scoring - Getting Started (2013) 
NZCUSA Scorer's Companion (2016)
NZC First Class Scoresheets (Batting and Bowling)
NZC Limited Overs Scoresheet (Both Innings)


Internet Scoring Resources

NZC Feedback Cricket Live Scoring User Manual (2014) 
NZC Live Scoring Supplement - Timing, Style, and Troubleshooting Guide (2014) 
Integrated Live & Stadium Scoring Supplement (2016)


Stadium Scoring Resources

NZC Stadium Scoring User Manual (2014)


Report Forms

NZC Umpires' Match Report Form 2011/12
NZC Venue Pitch Report Form 2011/12
NZC Captain's Report on Umpires 2011/12
NZC Umpire's Self-Assessment Form 2011/12


Training Officer Material

Boundary Assessments of Umpires (2013) 
Boundary Assessments Report Form

Additional material for Training Officers can be found on the page for each Level under Umpiring Resources.